LED lighting for wireless internet access

LED street lights , LED displays , LEDs as an energy-saving lighting device have gradually entered our lives. But as you can see, the light emitted by LEDs can be connected to broadband networks, which has become a reality in current scientific research. The reporter learned from the Institute of Semiconductors of the Chinese Academy of Sciences yesterday that the institute has made major breakthroughs in the research of semiconductor lighting information network.
Under the light, you can wirelessly connect to a laptop. Under the illumination of the light, there is no network cable connection, no wireless network card, but the smooth network video is still playing... This is the semiconductor lighting and information that happened yesterday at the Institute of Semiconductors of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. A scene in the demonstration hall. Why is there such a situation? Dr. Jingjing Yuan of the Photovoltaic System Laboratory reached out and said that its mystery lies in the blue LED lights on the ceiling.
He introduced that the network signal is transmitted to the computer through the light. In this way, the current maximum transmission rate of the Internet can reach 2 megabits per second.
In addition to connecting to the network, LED lights can also act as commanders for a variety of household appliances. Dr. Chen Xiongbin from the institute said that they have now realized the control of switching and regulating various electrical appliances. These two technologies have also been displayed at the Aviation Pavilion of the World Expo and the Eco-House in Shanghai.
Switch transmission information LED lights how to transmit network signals and control signals through light? According to experts, LED lights are new types of lighting equipment. Unlike traditional lighting equipment, it not only saves electricity, but also transmits modulated signals through high-speed switching operations to complete the transmission of information and instructions.
Does the non-stop switching action affect normal lighting usage? the answer is negative. According to scientific research personnel, the speed of switching per second can reach 2 million times, which cannot be felt by the naked eye.
Overcoming the problem of flight Internet access Nowadays, people enjoy the convenience of wireless network services, and they are also worried that the electromagnetic waves generated by it may have adverse effects on the human body. The use of environmentally friendly LED lighting can completely eliminate this concern. Without electromagnetic waves, it will not cause interference to surrounding electronic equipment. The problem of wireless Internet access in the aircraft will also be solved. Even under water, a bundle of LED lights can complete the high-speed transmission of network signals.
According to experts, LED lighting is only a potential stock compared with current wireless technology. Due to its special information transmission method, it can reach the access speed of G on every second in the future. It is understood that the United States, Japan and Europe have begun research and development on LED wireless communication technology, which may become an important direction for future technological development.

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