Han Yu 20 billion won to develop "multi-functional wearable muscle-enhancing robot" police

According to recent reports from the Korean media, the Korea Defense Agency said on the 28th that it will cooperate with the National Defense Science Research Institute (ADD) and the defense company LIG NEX1 to invest 20 billion won (about RMB 118 million) by 2020 to develop "multi-functional Wear the muscle-enhancing robot technology. According to reports, the South Korean Defense Agency said that in the future combat environment, soldiers may face increased combat loads such as personal weapons and combat uniforms, and the problem of responsible expansion of the field of operations is rapidly expanding. Therefore, robots that increase muscle strength are expected to significantly increase the ability of the troops to perform their tasks.

The Korea Defense Agency plans to operate after the successful development of the technology and is expected to be officially put into use in 2020.

It is reported that soldiers can bear up to 70 kilograms of weight-bearing robots in combat uniforms, and can move up to 10 kilometers per hour with a weight of 40 kilograms, gaining the super-power of "mechanical warfare". Therefore, this technology is expected to be widely used in civil fields such as disaster relief and construction sites.

Relevant persons of the Defense Department pointed out that it will combine the folk and national defense technology to develop a practical wearable muscle-enhancing robot technology and gradually share relevant technologies with the public.


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