Price or quality? What does smart TV purchase look like?

Now more and more smart TV, in addition to Changhong, TCL, Skyworth, Hisense, Konka and other traditional brands, Internet TV brands are also emerging, such as millet, lei, micro whale, see still, storm, PPTV, popular and so on. This brings trouble to the buddies who want to buy TV. There are too many brands and they simply cannot start!

Here are some lessons for everyone:

1, what factors directly affect the price

Why are smart TVs getting cheaper (and of course expensive)? Mainly because of the screen, because of the use of two-line and three-line screens, the cost is low, but the failure rate will certainly be high, because the transistor quality is not high, the yield rate is also low (the transistor quality is high to do the second-line screen) . So now that cheaper TVs are not used before, the screen is more prone to problems.

Some TVs use a three-line screen directly. It does not take long for the screen to display color bars. This is mainly due to pixel turbulence caused by the screen being powered on. The antistatic interference is not done properly. For a long time, interference will damage the screen or even scrap it.

So choose to buy a TV at least two types of screen, channel support Dolby + other, three types of screen can not be considered directly, because many three types of screen life is also a year or so, one year after the probability of a big problem.

2. Which brands should be selected for smart TV?

First of all, traditional TV brands such as Skyworth, Haier, Hisense, and Changhong, which sell more than 3,000 TVs, generally use second-line screens. They belong to the second-line premium goods. The most common ones are LG II, AUO, and so on. The quality is relatively high. It is still more secure.

In Internet brands, the relative quality of LeTV and Xiaomi is still better. LeTV is also a second-class screen, which uses the second category of LG.

To sum up, if the graph is cheap, it is best to choose a traditional TV brand, or LeTV and Xiaomi on the Internet. Anything is a penny and a piece of goods, if you really do not lack of money, it is recommended to buy expensive TV, after all, buy the screen may be better, and later use more peace of mind.

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