Apple will "discard" the 2011 MBP next month without providing hardware services

Eskimo If you are still using an older MacBook Pro a few years ago, you may want to know that Apple is planning to eliminate some older models next month. According to a report from technology site 9to5Mac, two MacBook Pros, some older MacBooks and Mac minis, which were released in 2011, will be added to Apple's list of outdated and discontinued products next month.

Apple's official website has an "Obsolete Products and Discontinued Products" page, from time to time will be added to the new product model, but Apple generally does not specifically inform consumers. In general, products that have been discontinued for 5-7 years will become "outdated products" and those that have been suspended for more than 7 years will become "discontinued products."

Products added to these two lists will not be able to receive official hardware services, but there are some exceptions to “outdated products” (such as Apple products purchased in Turkey and California), and “discontinued products” is without exception.

The report said that the 2011 15 and 17-inch MacBook Pro will be listed as "outdated products" in the United States and "discontinued products" in other countries. This means that Apple will not provide any hardware services for these devices. If the device is damaged, users can only seek the help of third-party maintenance services.

In addition to the MacBook Pro, other models that will be listed as outdated/discontinued products include the Mac mini and MacBook (13 inches) at the beginning of 2009.

Source: Ubergizmo

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