Yangtze River Avenue Lighting Solutions announced

Unlike the Wuhan Wuhan Avenue, the first scenic road in the city, the Yangtze River Avenue is a “three-dimensional project”. In addition to road construction, facade renovation, lighting and greening will also be carried out. Yesterday, the landscape lighting general plan along the Yangtze River Avenue was announced for the first time.

Construction Avenue Northwest Lake: staged four major light show

In accordance with the landscape lighting program, the construction of the northwest lake node will be built into the most exciting section of Jianghan District. Utilizing the surrounding lake and high-rise houses around the lake, Northwest Lake will stage four light shows of different themes at night. At night, the lights projected plum blossoms and peace pigeons on the lake surface, echoing the lakes and lights, reflecting the characteristics of Wuhan’s “City of 100 Lakes”. The lights will also form huge sails, showing the prosperity of Jianghan, and the lights and shades of the lakeshore Alternately, create a vital breathing pulse. Due to the different landscapes of the Hankou section, the color tone of the light will change. Unlike the Fanhu node where the static white light is dominant, the northwestern lake node of the Jianshe Avenue has more dynamic changes, and the discolored light is used to create a magnificent momentum. , Colorful and diverse urban business financial city Lai Ying. Aeronautical road nodes are mainly yellow light and white light as the axis, reflecting the fashionable and exquisite bustling city life.

Changing Overpass Group: Playing a Light Symphony

The Hankou section of the Yangtze River Boulevard will be connected in sequence from the youth road interchange, the aviation road interchange, and the Wusheng road interchange. The three interchanges will form a three-dimensional ties as a whole. The three interchanges will be built around different themes. Youth Road Interchange is positioned as “Song of Youth”. The white wall washer illuminates the bridge to form a continuous soft light band. The sides of the bridge are distributed with blue and yellow LED light sources. The aviation road interchange with the theme of “Shangduhuazhang” is a uniquely designed color-changing LED panel on the side of the first-class bridge under the lighting of the cold and warm light. It matches the surrounding landmarks and is majestic. The theme of Wusheng Road Interchange is “Urban Variations.” Lights are more emphasis on humanity, and purple light warm colors create a sense of security and comfortable walking space.

Hanyang Section of Changjiang Avenue: Guishan Yuehu Rediscovered

At present, there is no lighting on the north side of Kameyama, and there is no light on the surface of the Moon Lake. In the evening, it travels from Hankou to Wuchang. The Kameyama Mountain is not visible, and the moon lake is not exposed. The famous landscape landscape cannot be exhibited. After the Yangtze River Avenue is completed, the landscape will be displayed again. According to the design plan, the flood light will illuminate the coastal trees on the Moon Lake Peninsula. The far-off Zhiyinqiao will be washed by a wall washer, and the lake shore of the Moon Lake will be embellished with a waterproof digital point light source to outline the coastline. . Together with the antique Guqin Terrace and the flashing Moon Lake, the ancient rhyme of “Hanshui River flows eastwards and the forest is hidden behind the Guqin Terrace” is exhibited. On the trestle bridge beside the Moon Lake, an interactive light strip will also be designed. The footprints will be projected, and the light will be on and will be extinguished in one minute, forming the interactive landscape of the Avenue of Stars. The sleeping Kameyama will also be awakened by setting up floodlights along the ridges and lighting the trees on both sides to form a beautiful skyline at night.

Why is Changjiang Avenue chosen as a landscape boulevard?

The design speed of the Yangtze River Boulevard is 35-40 km/h, and there is no elevation at all. The emphasis is on landscape construction. Why does the Wuhan Avenue emphasize more speed, and the Yangtze River Avenue should win with the landscape? The city planning department believes that the 7.3km from the Fan Lake to the aviation section of the Yangtze River Road and from the Zhongnan Road to the Zhuodaoquan section and the track 2 line completed at the end of 2012 are completely The line can be used to recover the timing of the road surface, to coordinate the construction time sequence and avoid duplicate construction. Second, the regional traffic environment gradually improved and the traffic load slowed. In addition, the replacement of land-use functions along the line and the construction of landscapes have been continuously optimized and improved in recent years, such as Shouyi Cultural Square and Qintai Theater. The Yangtze River Avenue is a road that best reflects the urban spirit, distinctive space, and abundant resources of Wuhan. It is a road that is urgently needed for construction in 2012.

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