Xinwei transparent protective paint, circuit board protective paint, pcb circuit board protective paint

1,   It is a one-component room-temperature curing resin that is extremely convenient to use. Good insulation performance.

2,   The product has good transparency, strong adhesion, good elasticity, fast curing speed, excellent weather resistance and excellent electrical properties.

3 ,   Mainly used for moisture, insulation, anti-sticking, isolation and other purposes.

4,   Instructions:

1 ). This product can be brush, spray, dip and other methods of construction. The coating is limited to no flow and no leakage. Usually a coating thickness preferably between 0.1-0.2mm

2 ). Before painting, you must first remove the water and oil on the surface of the object to be coated.

3 ). After the coating has dried, it can be applied a second time.

4 ). Used brushes, spray guns, etc. should be washed in time to prepare for reuse. Pay attention to ventilation during construction to facilitate solvent evaporation in the coating to ensure safety.

5 . This product is a one-component package that is cured by exposure to moisture from the air. If it is not used up, it should be promptly covered for future reuse.   Widely used in hybrid integrated circuits,   Automotive electronic control board, electronic circuit board,   Aviation instrumentation, flexible printed circuit boards, computer control panel, industrial control panels, semiconductor crystal line protection, home appliance controllers, outdoor LED display.

    Professional adhesive supplier , specializing in the production of three anti-paint, silicone, thermal silica, thermal grease, UV glue, potting, epoxy AB glue, instant adhesive and other products, if you need more detailed technical parameters in Chinese and English products ( TDS ), use process, material safety data sheet (MSDS) , environmental report ( SGS ), flame retardant certification (UL), please contact Xin Wei sales engineer Lin Shimin 0755-29960285/13590323592 or log on Xinwei company website:


12V UPS Charger, Restorer and Tester 3-in-1 Recovery system , is fit for 12V/36 Ah~300Ah lead-acid battery banks, With digital pulse charger, adjustable restorer and adjustable discharge Tester, high-performance of recover battery, convenient and reliable. Mainly used in the UPS industry of  Wind and Solar energy storage battery, UPS Back up power system, Telecom base site battery , State Grid and Military battery for sudden affair, etc.  It has been selected as a approval item of Chinese military cooperation products list, and as an important part of the military emergency combat system, as well as reducing a large number of military batteries back up power purchase cost than before.  

This 3-in-1 integrated Recovery system is composed of 3 parts and a professional standard restore process: 1) 12V Battery Restorer Device(36~300Ah); 2) 12V Battery Digital Pulse Charger; 3) 12V Battery Discharge Tester. It is applicable to all of Lead Acid UPS Battery(AGM, GEL, VRLA, Flooded, Dry, Deep cycle and Stationary), and widely used in 12V (36~300Ah) cell batteries. 

1) Digital pulse charger

4 Pulse charge channels , each channel have three ranges :10A, 15A, 20A , Select the right charging current according to the capacity and conditions of batteries , the system have a special IC to control automatically recharging without on duty. The multiple-stage pulse charger has the function of preventing battery dehydrated, preventing overcharged, and protect battery plate with equalized pulse charging function.
2) Non-destructive Smart Pulse Restorer 
8 Pulse restore channels for different capacity of batteries: 36Ah~75Ah, 75Ah~120Ah, 100Ah~300Ah. Selecting the suitable range can be ensure better protection of battery plate in restore working, and  extend batteries life up to 2 times than before. It is also called Battery Pulse Desulfurizer, Battery Refresher or Sulfuric Crystal Cleaner and maintainer
3) Discharge Capacity Tester
4 discharge channels of detecting and capacity testing , with discharge current range: 0A~ 20A(Output discharge current can be adjusted continuously and input power accurately.), current precision: ±1% and voltage error: 0.05V. Choose the right ranges of discharge current in order to improve the efficiency of battery recovery,  Prevent deep discharge and make sure the plates to be protected better.

12V UPS Charger Restorer Tester 3-in-1

12V UPS Charger Restorer Tester 3-in-1,UPS Battery Saver,12V UPS Charger Restorer Tester,UPS Battery Smart Charger and Tester

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