Xu Min: LED product innovation = market positioning + product planning

On August 18th, the CTO Conference of the 9th High-tech LED Industry Summit held in conjunction with the 2012 High-tech LED Exhibition was successfully held in the AB meeting room of Hall 5 of Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center. The forum agenda was based on the upper and middle of the LED industry chain. The downstream is divided into three special sessions. The CTOs and executives of well-known enterprises in the LED industry chain are invited to share the latest cutting-edge technologies in the industry and discuss the technological development trends of the upper, middle and lower reaches.

In the view of Ms. Xu Min, vice president of Guangyu Lighting Technology, the innovation of LED products must first have a clear market positioning, followed by system product planning, and continuous technological improvement capability is able to make "touching people" products. The most powerful guarantee. She emphasized that the design of LED lighting fixtures should focus on the user's sensory experience and product experience.

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