Why is the LED lamp be so critical?

As the LED Led Display with the highest cost and the largest amount of components, LED lamp beads play a leading role in the quality of LED display. Today we will introduce to readers why LED lamp beads are the most critical components of LED displays. How to identify the advantages and disadvantages of LED lamp beads?

The most critical component of a full-color LED display is the LED lamp bead. There are three reasons:

First, LED is the most used key component in the full-color screen, using thousands to tens of thousands of LEDs per square meter;

Second, the LED is the main body that determines the optical display performance of the whole screen, directly affecting the audience's evaluation of the display screen;

Third, LEDs account for the largest proportion of the overall cost of the display, ranging from 30% to 70%.

How to identify the advantages and disadvantages of LED display bead?

First, look at the solder joints. The LED strips produced by the regular LED strips are made by SMT chip process, solder paste and reflow soldering process.

Second, look at the quality of FPC. FPC is divided into copper and rolled copper. The copper foil of the copper plate is convex. If you look at it, you can see it from the connection between the pad and the FPC.

Third, look at the cleanliness of the surface of the LED light strip. If the LED strip produced by the SMT process has a very clean surface, no impurities or stains can be seen.

Fourth, look at the chip and production process of LED lights , the eyes can not see the difference, to use aging equipment and testing equipment, if you put several manufacturers of LEDs on the aging instrument with high current aging for 24 hours or longer Time, you then measure the LED brightness of several manufacturers, see that the LED luminous intensity attenuation is the smallest, the attenuation is the best.

Ultra Light less than 8kg for each LED panel.
Low Cost of Splicing
Standard 16:9 LED panel can also precisely achieve HD/FHD/UHD/SHV resolution just right, and with a 27" diagonal panel size it can become a perfect substitute for any existing 54" or 108" LCD screen.
Convenient Front/Rear Installation and Maintenance
The install procedure is as quick as block-building. It supports for both front and rear installation with a panel thickness of only 100mm. Additionally, module, power supply, receiving card, conversion card and cables between panels can all be maintained quickly from the front without professional skills.   
Intelligent System
Calibration data retrieval function and worry-free parameter back-up function are both embedded in every smart LED Module. Besides, power system, temperature and other working status are automatically monitored to achieve intelligent management.
Less Is More

Led Module, conversion card, and receiving card between panels are connected all through one connector of high stability. Thus, the panel presents a contracted and concise design style with no external cables. 
Perfect Display Effect

160° ultra wide horizontal and vertical viewing angle covers more potential customers.
The broadcasting pictures are stable with no scanning line, and the edge of image is sharp and clear when dealing with dynamic pictures.  
Stable Operation
JoyLED AC-DC and DC-DC power schemes are both available to ensure a safe and reliable operation of the LED screen. No sudden shut-down will occur during use.
Safe Operation  
With hot double backup for Signal, stable broadcasting would be guaranteed when failure happens.
Anti-hacking Encryption could avoid malicious signal cut-off and input.

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