One of the emotional lighting stories

1. Human beings are constantly pursuing change.

Get rid of a single lighting, and now provide the vitality of life through the change of home decoration. It can be considered that this is the most ideal humanized lighting that human beings are constantly pursuing the nature of change and faithful.

Second, sensual lighting, introduced <br> outdoor natural light indoor natural lighting

Humans have lived in the natural lighting of the moonlight and starlight during the hundreds of thousands of years. We have also been working hard to continuously develop color temperature and brightness. The artificial sun's lighting technology is designed to enjoy the natural light illumination of the sun indoors. Imitating the natural changes of the sun from the early morning, morning, morning, afternoon, evening, etc., can give an unprecedented experience. This is where we can adjust to the desired brightness and color temperature at any time.

Third, the necessity of inductive lighting (background)

Fourth, the relationship between lighting and the human body

1. The relationship between physiological laws and light

2. The relationship between illumination and color temperature

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