Li Xinglin, chief designer of Water Cube Electric (picture)

At 2 pm on April 20th, 2008, Aladdin Lighting Network's carefully planned story series behind the Olympic project lighting was officially launched in the lecture hall of the School of Education and Information Technology of South China Normal University.

The event specially invited Li Xinglin, chief designer of Water Cube Electric, Li Binghua, chief designer of Bird's Nest Electric, and Zheng Jianwei, the designer of the night scene lighting in the Olympic Center. The famous designer Yuan Zongnan did not want to miss the three experts. A great opportunity to go to the forum to listen to expert speeches. As the representative of the lighting products provider of the Olympic venues, Xinwenxing, Sanxiong Aurora and AD Lighting sponsored the Olympic Engineering Lighting Forum and won the 2008 Olympic Lighting Star Award from Aladdin Lighting Network.

In addition, nearly one hundred designer friends from Aladdin Lighting Network in Guangdong Province came to participate in the forum and became a dynamic group of forum activities. In addition to the expert representatives and local designers from Guangzhou, Aladdin also invited 10 public and industry media to jointly witness the peak event of the lighting industry in the early stage of the Olympic Games. The atmosphere was relaxed and pleasant, and all participants admitted that the exchange activities provided a wide range of communication opportunities and learning platforms for the upstream and downstream ties of the industry. As a result of the upcoming Olympic Games, the development of the lighting industry was positively and positively promoted. Significant and profound.

Olympic engineering lighting designer Li Xinglin

Mr. Li Xinglin's related introduction

Chief Engineer, Water Cube Electrical and Telecommunications, National Aquatics Center

Deputy Chief Engineer of CCDI Electrical Engineering

National Registered Electrical Engineer, Professor-level Senior Engineer

He graduated from the Electrical Engineering Department of Xi'an Jiaotong University in 1964. Has been engaged in electrical and intelligent engineering design of industrial and civil buildings.

He used to be the deputy chief engineer of China Architecture Northeast Design and Research Institute. He is currently the deputy chief engineer of China Construction International (Shenzhen) Design Consultant Co., Ltd.

The projects that host electrical and intelligent design include: National Aquatics Center, Olympic Tennis Center, Jinan Olympic Sports Center, China Phoenix Building, Shenzhen Metro Building, Zhongshan Electric Power Building, Zhongshan Culture and Art Center, Dalian World Trade Center, Dalian New Mart Shopping Taste Shenyang Zhongxing Commercial Building, Shenyang Power Dispatching and Load Control Center.

The national industry standards presided over and participated in the preparation are: GB16895-2002 requirements for building electrical installations, special installations and places, places with bathtubs and shower trays, GB16895114-2002 requirements for building electrical installations, special installations and places, JWJ16-83 building electrical design technical regulations, JGJ/T16-92 civil building electrical design specifications. Presided over the preparation of the national standard atlas 94D101-5 35KV and below cable laying. 06??701 Design and installation of weak current system for sports buildings.

Published many academic papers.

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