Internet of Things, a data revolution that is brewing

What topics are most in "in" in today's technology field? Internet of Things! This is like the major media bombardment reports, if 2013 is still the era of big data, then 2014 is undoubtedly the era of the Internet of Things.

From Google to Apple, from small thermostats to macro Internet of Things standards, when people are excited to talk about new products and new experimental new concepts, it seems that there is something wrong with it: how this new concept will change our Compared to life, the public seems to focus more on product details such as design.

Internet of Things has nothing to do with things

The so-called Internet of Things "Internet of Things", things ("Things") should be the core of this concept? In the technology media thenextweb, the Internet ("Internet") is the root of the Internet of Things.

Whether it's Philips' smart light bulbs or Nest's smart thermostats, in fact they are more or less "running", because for this technological revolution, the core is not about whether Lockitron's smart locks are safer, or Wink's central platform is more reliable. No product can really end all other products. The more people's eyes are limited to a certain brand of products, they are actually a step away from the real "Internet of Things."

As the famous American technology writer Stacey Higginbotham said: "The Internet of Things, it is just a tool, just like a force axe, allowing us to use it to open harder barriers - to transmit and aggregate information more clearly and accurately. "This is the more important meaning of the Internet of Things for human beings."

Data path

There are two major factors that must be mentioned for the Internet of Things. One is data. These content collected by billions of electronic devices around the world can enrich the virtual digital world with real content. Second, the only way is to be cool. And the daunting of the bulk of the data can be used by developers to truly realize the desire to change from virtual code to real product service.

Internet of Things

With this background in mind, the open API interface is even more important: it lays the foundation for a network environment that enables devices to “talk” to devices, and the “conversation” between devices is the premise of the Internet of Things concept. .

With the convergence of data, there will be a series of reactions, and it is for this reason that more and more digital empire has opened API interfaces for developers who trust themselves: starting with Google Maps traffic monitoring, and then Volvo cars that you drive can detect traffic in front of you in real time... The open range of API interfaces has begun to penetrate into more basic public life areas, and in the future it will involve public health care, food production monitoring and other aspects of our lives, and this Is the real Internet of Things.

Transformation in brewing

For the Internet of Things, there is another point of view that is unrealistic: change is coming.

It is true that tens of billions of electronic devices around the world continue to transmit data between devices and devices, platforms and platforms. More statistics show that the total number of devices connected globally has exceeded twice the global number. It seems that as long as a leading company launches a "sample", it will open the door to the global Internet of Things era.

In reality, however, everything is much worse. In fact, no one can know when the real Internet of Things era will really come. Is it 2015 or 2020? This is like Apple's launch of the first iPad, claiming that "the era of mobile phones will begin to slowly end", but the fact is that although there is saturation, the smartphone market has potential.

Internet of Things

When everyone is using the smart TV set-top box to watch the game of rights, when everyone pays the bill, they all start using Passbook or e-wallet. When the NikeFuel sports bracelet has been popularized for men, women and children, perhaps this is the time for us to discuss things. The era of networking is not the day to come.

The so-called Internet of Things is not a distant, crazy and utopian world. On the contrary, it exists in every corner of people's lives, and we actually have tickets to enter such a world - smart phones or smart tablets. .

Instead of focusing on whether a smart tea cup can be automatically heated and synchronized with other products, we should focus more on building industry standards and expanding the ecosystem.

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