Excessive sound volume is harmful to your health

Today, audio has become one of the must-have appliances in modern homes. Sound has advantages and disadvantages for people. The audio playback time is too long, the volume is too large, and the rhythm is too fast, which may cause people to suffer from a modern civilization disease - acoustic syndrome. Acoustic syndrome is caused by impaired hearing function and caused by decreased hearing function. Too much sound volume is a health hazard, and too much sound volume will affect people's hearing. The most suitable volume range for listening to music in the human ear is between 40 and 60 dB, and it is sensitive to medium and high frequency music. The volume of the ordinary sound can be felt only by 5 to 10 dB. In real life, some people blindly pursue the "fever" feeling, and the volume is shaken. As a result, such music has neither beautiful enjoyment nor health.
Medical scientists believe that noise levels reach or exceed 80dB, and continuous exposure for more than 8 hours can cause hearing damage. When the volume reaches 120 dB, the trigeminal nerve can cause significant pain due to strong sound pressure, and hearing damage can occur immediately. This is because strong noise has the effect of ototoxic drugs on the cochlea, which damages the ear receptors of the human ear - hair cells; in addition, powerful low-frequency vibration waves can also damage the inner ear. The volume of the sound also affects the human vision. Medical research has shown that when the powerful musical noise emitted by the sound acts on the auditory organs, the interaction of the afferent nerves can also cause abnormal changes in the visual function, thereby affecting vision. In the city karaoke karaoke, concerts and other occasions, the noise intensity of various speakers (audio) can reach more than 100dB. People who are exposed to this kind of intense music will have symptoms such as head up, tinnitus, tachycardia, irritability, memory loss, high blood pressure, insomnia, nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite, which are very unfavorable for longevity. For health and longevity, the elderly should pay attention to the prevention of acoustic syndrome. Usually play music, the volume should not be too big, play time is not too long, try to play the melodious light music, do not play those noisy music such as rock music, etc., in order to promote health and longevity.

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The photoelectric conversion efficiency of monocrystalline solar panels is about 15%, with the highest reaching 24%, which is the highest among all kinds of solar panels. However, the production cost is so high that it cannot be widely used.

The photoelectric conversion efficiency of polysilicon solar panels is much lower, which is about 12%. In terms of production cost, it  is cheaper than monocrystalline, material manufacturing is simple, save power consumption, the total production cost is lower, so it has been developed in large quantities.

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