Texas Instruments Haptic Driver Simplifies Tactile Feedback Process for Consumer and Industrial Products

Texa Instruments (TI) today announced a haptic driver that simplifies the process of adding realistic tactile feedback to consumer and industrial products for smartphones, tablets, e-books, refrigerators, microwaves and washing machines. Application requirements. The DRV2605 is the only eccentric rotor motor (ERM) and linear resonant actuator (LRA) haptic driver preloaded with a library of 123 unique haptic effects, designed by Immersion, a leading developer and licensor of touch feedback technology. A license is also available. In addition, the DRV2605 features a smart loop architecture that reduces start-up and braking times by half, achieves twice the vibration level, and reduces power consumption by 50%, extending battery life compared to competing solutions.

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Shreharsha Rao, TI's Tactile Product Manager, said: "The DRV2605's Immersion Licensed Haptic Effects Library provides customers with a convenient one-stop shop and fast time-to-market advantages. In addition, the DRV2605's intelligent loop architecture provides consumer product design. People perform the high performance required for haptic technology in their products, and home appliance designers can confidently implement capacitive tactile touch buttons that replace mechanical buttons to increase reliability and extend button life."

Key features and benefits of the DRV2605:

· Reduced system complexity: Preloaded Immersion haptic effects library provides a variety of unique differentiated touch screen feedback haptic effects to provide users with a more satisfying and realistic user experience;

· Audio-to-Tactile mode: Automatically converts music, movie or game audio into a haptic effect that adds vibrating bass boost to help users fully experience and experience audio and video content;

• Smart Loop Architecture: Provides automatic overdrive and braking for ERM and LRA, which simplifies software programming and reduces startup and braking time by 50%. LRA's automatic resonance tracking capability doubles the vibration power at half the power of competing solutions. In addition, the automatic actuator diagnostics and horizontal tracking features enable consistent acceleration under a variety of environmental conditions;

· Smallest solution size: The DRV2605 is only 1.5 mm x 1.5 mm, providing the industry's smallest package for designers to create space-constrained portable applications;

· Complete touch solution: The DRV2605 can be combined with any product in the TI touch screen controller family to create a complete touch screen solution.

Like the DRV2604 ERM/LRA haptic driver, the DRV2605 has the same core, industry-leading performance, and low power consumption, but does not have an audio-to-tactile mode and an Immersion haptic library.

Tools and support

The DRV2605 and DRV2604 evaluation boards (EVMs) are available now. Both EVMs come with a user guide, a fully programmable MSP430G2553 Value Line microcontroller, haptic effects and capacitive touch button examples, as well as analog, I2C and PWM digital interfaces that support evaluation in fully independent systems. The DRV2605 provides an API software driver for the Immersion haptic effects library.

The Touch Technology Forum in the TI E2ETM community provides engineers with powerful technical support where they can ask questions from TI experts.

Availability and price

The DRV2605 is available now in a 9-bump, 1.5 mm × 1.5 mm × 0.6 mm WCSP package, and the DRV2604 is also available.

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