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The PufangTech VHF wireless modems operate in 147MHz to 174MHz and 220 to 230MHz frequency band. They can cover a range of 1 to 10Km through buildings and up to 50Km line of sight. It transmits and receives half duplex serial data at interface baud rates of 1200bps to 115200bps with narrow band digital frequency modulation.

The wireless modem can operate either as point to point or point to multi-point system. The configuration menu is a Windows based program running on PC.

These VHF wireless modems are low cost and rugged design which are easy to use with different transmission powers. Select the power level you need to punch through whatever distance within 50km and interference situations you encounter. PufangTech`s wireless modems are built to handle the heat, cold and environments of industrial operations.

VHF Wireless Modem

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