"LED Research Review" March issue editor's message: Chunmian does not feel Xiaoqiu do not regret

[Source: Gaogong LED's "LED Research Review" magazine March issue / editor's message] March 5, horrified. The weather is getting warmer. The spring thunder began to sound, and woke up to the insects that hibernate underground.

March 20, the spring equinox. Stay up all night. Yangliuqingqing, long flying grass, wheat jointing, rapeseed flowers.

For friends who are doing LED lighting, this is a long-awaited spring.

Spring sleep does not know. For those who are used to or like the dream of spring dreams, holding the wisdom of "coming early is not as good as coming", thinking about possible industrial floods and demand drought, the risk is great, or waiting to pack people's crops.

From spring to autumn, it’s a flick.

Early bird gets the worm. When the insects are making a spring dream, they become a delicious breakfast for the birds.

Feige and a group of LED lighting birds, called Mulinsen, there is called Lianchuang, there is called Qindi, there is called 韬 broadcast, there is called Auman, there is called Laiwei...

After the horror, I began to take the LED good products in the spring tour, display and investment.

Going to the most beautiful place in spring, the beautiful and beautiful Hangzhou.

Zheshang's DNA is special, good dance and long-sleeved, smooth and easy-going, and it is commonplace to deal with changes in the world. Hangzhou, and even the whole of Zhejiang, regardless of the change of the city's flag, always sing the Yan dance. Traditional lighting dealers have nothing to do with LEDs. Therefore, the whole of Zhejiang, for the LED lighting manufacturers, is a big stage that can be enjoyed.

One of the docks of Feigebai, the lighting dealers association Zhejiang Shijie Shen Weiyang, in addition to the LED lighting enthusiastic embrace, playing with multiple LED lighting brands, it is rare.

There is a saying in the lighting industry: to do a good job of lighting, we must do a good job in East China, do a good job in East China, and do a good job in Zou District. This means that if you don't establish a base in China's largest wholesale distribution center, you don't want to succeed in more than a dozen areas where it radiates.

Zou District is in the suburbs of Changzhou. Most of the LED friends have never been to, and have not even heard of it. Is the high-tech LED sold in the same place that looks like a farmer's market? Yes, as long as it is a light, it is sold like this.

One of the masters of Zouqu, the talented Xiao Xiaohong, who was born in the media, is a guy who will build a nest. In Zouqu District, a glorious lighting city has been built. The second phase has been built, with an area of ​​over 200,000 square meters, and the “LED Lighting Special Zone” has been established to welcome the arrival of the LED Liberation Army.

Nanjing has to go, and appreciate the ancient flavor of the ancient capital. However, the ancient capitals have been misnamed, with tall buildings everywhere, a typical look of a contemporary city. For LED lighting, it is a good place to go. I think that there is a distribution center in Zouqu, Nanjing should be rare dealers. At the China Merchants Conference, the number of dealers and designers who came was unexpected and impressive.

Feige's friend LEO, a LED lighting realist with romantic feelings, portrayed the LED lighting and swayed the dealers, and the applause made Feige stay up all night.

The last stop of this spring tour is another place that LED friends may not have thought of. Linyi is Linyi near Yimeng Mountain. Linyi is a lighting logistics center, covering only half of the size of the Zou district. The number of dealers is small but the volume is large, and the total amount is equal.

Take the local boss, NVC's dealer Liu Tongguang's words, there is no copy, the world will be dark, that is to say, many places have the meaning of candles.

In the majority of LED friends are still engaged in research and development, in order to compete for different genres and law enforcement, Feige told some companies that they do not intervene. But now it is time for dealers and designers to participate in the competition, and it is time for the inquiry. A large number of friends are still dreaming of being in the nest. Waiting for the autumn wind to wake up, look at the golden field of the people, regret it is already late.

Spring is the season of sowing. On the channel, sow your own products, plant your own brand, pour your own services, and pour your own brand.

As one of the channel dealers of the king, Su Hengbing, the dealer of Zouqu, said that the water is the law of lighting, especially the choice of LED lighting. Through the channel, a steady stream of products can reach customers.

When Xiaohong told the dealers at the meeting, "Whoever caught the LED, whoever seized the future!", Fei Ge wanted to make a request to friends who were still playing LED lights in the factory and engineers. Come out and walk?

Later we will continue to swim in the spring... In mid-April, Fuzhou, Hefei, Changsha; in mid-May, Chengdu, Chongqing, Kunming, Nanning, Xi'an...

(Thanks to the peers and help of the lovely birds in this article, thanks to the reception and support of all the dealers and designers who have met.)

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