Cultural field boosts LED growth

[Source: Gaogong LED's "LED Lighting Channel" magazine February issue / Zhang Wei] During the Spring Festival, various tourist attractions have launched special events, folk customs and other attractions to attract tourists from all over the country, evening feasts, songs and dances to add a festive atmosphere.

Since the 2008 Spring Festival Gala stage, LED products have been used, and its dazzling stage lighting effects have brought the eyes of the people of the country to LED. Nowadays, almost all the settings of the festival stage are based on the LED lighting effect, which makes the atmosphere of the scene and the singing and acting of the actors more prominent in the beauty of modern art.

Nowadays, LEDs are infiltrated into the field of drama. For example, costumes, props, etc. all use LED products. Even in tourist resorts, the combination of high-tech and LED lighting can create stunning lighting effects for tourists.

Cultural field boost

Happy Valley and Window of the World are well-known entertainment spots and cultural districts in Shenzhen, attracting many tourists from home and abroad, and the culture they present is diverse. It is also a frontier in the domestic cultural field. Many art masterpieces are first spread through the window of the world and then pushed to all parts of the country.

During the Spring Festival of 2013, the Happy Valley Magic Trace Project launched the first drama created with 100,000 LED lamp beads, which opened the eyes of the audience. In the past, LEDs were more applied to stage lighting. In addition to making the atmosphere more harmonious, LEDs can make the clothes on the actors discolor. For example, Ukrainian dance music with LED lights can make the dance full of movement. The Hawaiian volcanic eruption of the Window of the World combines high-tech and LED lighting effects to create the illusion of volcanic eruptions, which makes the visitors very surprised.

These LED projects, which have been invested heavily, have become a tool for many tourist attractions to attract tourists during the holidays.

Big market cold performance

For the highly successful projects such as Hawaii Volcano and LED Drama, the person in charge of the attraction said that it will be applied to other troupes and scenic spots in the country. At present, the lighting products used in national tourist resorts are mainly based on traditional lamps, and LEDs are used less in drama.

Yu Jing, assistant to the president of Xinli Light Source, told reporters that “the popularity of LED in the commercial field depends on the price. At present, the price of LED products is 2-3 times higher than that of traditional products.” This is also a well-known tourist site in addition to landmark buildings and Entertainment projects use LEDs, and other streets, indoors, and aisles are the main reasons for traditional lamps.

For example, in the window of the world, in addition to the Eiffel Tower, European architecture, LED lighting for key entertainment projects, the other 134 scenic spots, street bypass lights, indoor chandeliers and other lamps almost use traditional energy-saving lamps, even the ice sculpture buildings in the Alpine ice rink It is a traditional lighting effect. If you turn all these traditional lamps into LEDs, the scale can be imagined.

Innovation is a popular weapon

The price of LED products has been declining since last year. Industry insiders predict that it is possible to reduce the price of all LED products by 20% this year. In addition to the decline in LED product prices is a positive factor for LED promotion, product innovation is also a weapon.

Take the window of the world as an example. In addition to the use of energy-saving lamps on both sides of the road, an average of three street lights are installed with one sound, and the number of 134 scenic spots is not small. For this market, Liu Yiquan, general manager of Kabostone, told reporters, “They have been committed to LED power supply product development. Currently, the first LED high-power unpowered street light has been available, and LED products will realize LED and sound in the next year. Combined, LED products are equipped with audio functions."

LED products are more expensive than traditional products, but they are more powerful and there is still unlimited room for development. For well-known scenic spots and dramas, they are more concerned with the pursuit of art and the effects that LEDs can achieve. Happy Valley uses LED-created dramas, and the Hawaiian volcano drills of the Window of the World are examples. Today, these projects have grown exponentially from input to output.

American management wizard Jack Welch once said, "The power of the enterprise lies in innovation, and every innovation is based on the previous accumulation. Every innovation will drive the rapid development of the enterprise." The focus of LED popularization is not on price, but on products. The innovation, domestic partial-scale LED companies have already had considerable technology precipitation, innovation and appropriate promotion, LED will be rapidly developed in the cultural industry.

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