ZigBee street light controller adds light to Jinan Garden Expo Park

On the morning of the 22nd, the 7th China (Jinan) International was based on the theme of “Cultural Heritage, Scientific Development” and the concept of “Inheriting Innovation, People-oriented, Ecological Harmony and Sustainable Development” and “Highlighting the Cultural Connotation of the Chinese Nation”. The Garden Flower Expo was officially opened in Jinan Garden Expo Park. "The world between the square inch, the world in the garden park" Jinan City added a new business card.

The application of ZigBee street light controller ZigBee wireless street lighting energy-saving and environmental protection technology is a highlight in this garden. All functional lighting in the park uses wireless streetlight control based on ZigBee wireless technology from Helix Technologies.
The 1600 street lights in the park are equipped with the third generation ZigBee wireless IP-Link 1223 series modules from Hercept. The street lighting system controlled by ZigBee wireless Mesh network is another typical success story of more than 1K nodes in wireless lighting in domestic scenic spots. This novel and energy-saving intelligent and humanized system has been highly recognized by people from all walks of life and government officials. It also highlights the design concept of “Intelligent and Humanized” of Helix Technology.
In addition to our IP-Link 1223 series modules, the company also offers ZigBee wireless terminal products and M2M products. The most reliable, practical and optimal price of wireless products, more and more hot industry applications, Helixun technology is welcoming guests with enthusiasm and full service and high-quality products.

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