The advantages of near field communication: Sony one-touch NFC headset

At the CES product show in 2013, Sony continued to fire full power and released a smart watch equipped with an Android system and a series of audio devices including Bluetooth headsets. Wireless earphones that use one-touch NFC technology give a glimpse of the advantages of near-field wireless communication.

Sony releases smart watches and a variety of one-touch NFC headphones

Sony releases smart watches

This stylish smart watch uses a 1.3-inch multi-touch 3-color OLED touch screen, and is equipped with Bluetooth 3.0, which can run applications including Facebook and Twitter that support Android 2.1 and above devices.

Can install Android apps

In addition to smart watches, many wireless Bluetooth headsets that use NFC technology are also very bright. This NFC technology called One-touch connection allows users to carry out Bluetooth pairing with a touch of a mobile phone and a headset. This simple and fast connection method makes the user use the mobile phone to listen to music or make calls Convenience. At the same time, this wireless headset is also suitable for tablets or PCs with Bluetooth modules.

Phone and headset contacts

Wireless bluetooth headset

Touch of mobile phone and wireless headset

One-touch Bluetooth pairing

The battery cruise capability of the wireless Bluetooth headset can reach 30 hours when listening to music. At the same time, this wireless headset is also suitable for tablets or PCs with Bluetooth modules.

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